10 unknown web development blogs to visit

10 unknown web development blogs to visit

On the Internet you will find numerous blogs on the subject of web development. There are also many smaller and unknown web development blogs that are worth a visit!

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When developing new applications and features, you always need the help of other people who share your solutions and ideas on the Internet. Our friend Google (or DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc.) is used to get the best results. Since it’s not that easy to get among the top results on Google, there are a lot of web development blogs that are unknown, but still provide very qualitative contributions. Especially new blogs with few contributions often have problems to get visitors.

For this reason I have put together a collection of less known and smaller web development blogs. I personally chose the blogs based on their quality and appearance and think they are worth a visit! I don’t have an exact number of visitors of the individual blogs, so the fact “unknown” and “smaller” is more a guess than a fact. šŸ˜‰

The order of the mentioned blogs has no bearing on the quality or similar of the blogs!

#1 Gift Egwuenu

Gift Egwuenu writes on your blog about various interesting web development topics, e.g. about Gridsome, Nuxt and React. There are also contributions from the life (career) of a programmer. I find the article on the topic “Googling right” particularly exciting. The design of the blog is minimalistic, chic and not overloaded.

Topics: Nuxt, Azure, Karriere, React, Gridsome, JAMstack, CSS, Accessibility, Node.js, Git, Vue.js, Netlify (+ more)
Link to blog: https://www.giftegwuenu.com/

#2 Bolaji Ayodeji

On the blog of Bolaji Ayodeji you can find posts about JavaScript and about Node.js. You will also find helpful tutorials on version control via Git, PHP and general web server administration. His blog covers a wide range of topics and can be very helpful in some situations.

Topics: Node.js, Git, C++, JAMstack, JavaScript (+ more)
Link to blog: https://www.bolajiayodeji.com/

#3 Aarvy – Aspiring Wizard of Web

On this blog you will find tutorials about (Ruby on) Rails, Bootstrap and MongoDB. Also articles about network technology, like the functionality of a reverse proxy and the handling of GET and POST requests.

Topics: HTTP, MongoDB, (Ruby on) Rails, Bootstrap, Heroku (+ more)
Link to blog: https://aarvy.me/blog/

#4 Drew Town Dev

This blog has some interesting posts about the framework Vue.js and TailwindCSS. You’ll also find tutorials on how to use Gridsome and other exciting web technologies. Also here I personally like the simple design and the almost 0 milliseconds loading time of the site. This is simply fun!

Topics: SEO, Vue.js, TailwindCSS, Gridsome (+ more)
Link to blog: https://www.drewtown.dev/

#5 Nick Scialli

Nick Scialli writes about JavaScript and TypeScript on his blog. He explains how to use “new” JavaScript functions like the Spread Operator, Promises & Co. correctly. You can also find React articles with him.

Topics: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, 100DaysOfCode (+ more)
Link to blog: https://nick.scialli.me/

#6 WebDevBlog

On WebDevBlog you will find articles about CSS, responsive Webdesign and especially WordPress. This blog exists only since August 2019, so it is still very new, but has already convinced me – especially with the WordPress posts – with the WordPress posts.

Topics: WordPress, CSS (+ more)
Link to blog: https://webdevblog.com/

#7 Code Me Natalie

On this blog you will find posts about JavaScript and CSS. Just some unknown CSS features are made tasty for you to use on your own blog. The chic design completes the good contributions optimally!

Topics: JavaScript, CSS, React, Redux (+ more)
Link to blog: https://codemenatalie.com/blog/

#8 Maxence Poutord

Maxence Poutord publishes on his blog contributions about JavaScript, special Vue.js and exciting contributions from his life and generally all kinds of tips for programmers. I especially like the article 3 tips scaling vue application. A must-read for every Vue.js developer! šŸ™‚

Topics: Git, Vue.js, Gatsby, JavaScript, Doctrine, Symfony2 (+ more)
Link to blog: https://www.maxpou.fr/

#9 bitsofcode

This blog writes about the standard web technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Another strongly represented topic is Accessibillity. The important question “How can the user use the website pleasantly?” is therefore dealt with here in detail and is really an important aspect for everyone who creates websites. After all, you never stop learning.

Topics: JavaScript, web3, Accessibility, HTML, CSS, PWA (+ more)
Link to blog: https://bitsofco.de/

#10 InspiredWebDev

On InspiredWebDev you can find articles and tutorials about JavaScript. It explains step by step how to create interesting projects like Smooth Scrolling Navigation or a Random Quote Generator using JavaScript.

Topics: JavaScript, VSCode, HTML (+ more)
Link to blog: https://inspiredwebdev.com/


From my point of view all mentioned blogs have high quality content and a visit is worthwhile! Also on this page you will find many interesting articles and tutorials around the topic Web Development, also here a look is worthwhile! šŸ˜‰

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