10 characteristics every programmer should have

10 characteristics every programmer should have

As a programmer you are confronted with prejudices again and again. I clean up and clarify which characteristics a programmer should have.

The article “10 golden rules for becoming a better programmer” by Paul Seal made me think. I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes us (programmers) tick and put together a list of things I think are important.

#1 Be creative

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Yes, creativity is a very important part of the daily life of a programmer. Solving problems is a creative process that requires a lot of brain fat. And we have to solve a lot of problems.

How often do you face problems that cannot be solved? Never! Because there is a solution for every problem. A workaround is also a solution.

#2 Write comments

I’m referring to code comments.

Extremely important to keep the code clearer and readable for others. I used to write comments while programming, often a single line with few words is enough.

How often did you sit in front of your own code and didn’t know what to do? I am sure, already a few times…

If you change the code later, add a comment and data to the change. If you work in a team, you can also add an abbreviation like TS for Tony Stark (with your name ;)).

#3 Get smart.

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Take your time and get familiar with the topic you are working on and become a professional in this field.

Someday you’ll need it again and you can shine with your knowledge and don’t have to do the same research again.

Of course you don’t have to deal with it for an unnecessarily long time, but so that you are prepared for the next time.

Maybe here is an interesting article for you! 😉

#4 Allow errors to occur

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Making mistakes is fine. It is even the basic principle of learning.

I always remember the saying “A burnt child shuns fire”. This means that a child or a person who burned himself once at the fire (made a mistake) will probably not make this mistake a second time, but will think twice before about his actions.

Maybe you programmed something wrong somewhere, but the program still runs? It would be better if you noticed it. Then you can correct the error and learn from it.

#5 Take breaks

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Everybody likes holidays. You have to see breaks like holidays, on a smaller scale.

I know that one is often so dogged in a problem, one is about to find a solution and cannot stop now. But you have to!

Countless times I couldn’t get any further, slept one night over it and the next morning I knew the solution.

It saves you a lot of time and your health will thank you for it at some point.

#6 Share your knowledge

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Whoa! You found the solution to THE problem. Awesome! Please share it with other developers, so that not everyone has to bite his tooth at it.

For this reason I have also created this blog: I want to share my knowledge and solutions to problems with other people and exchange and educate myself.

#7 Looking to the future

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Much is uncertain, but one thing is certain: the future is coming. And often faster than you think.

Our programs should still be running in five, ten or maybe even 20 years. That is why we should make sure that we work in a future-oriented way.

We achieve this by using the latest and most stable technology possible and by commenting and documenting our code. The future is uncertain and you never know what tomorrow will bring, but you should still do your best.

#8 Documentations

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Documentation is the be-all and end-all. In the beginning it may work, but everyone knows it: First the room is tidy, but after a few weeks the pure chaos.

Therefore document and keep order in your code and projects. Create a structure in which you can organize everything well and neatly and always have an overview. You have to be strict with yourself!

#9 Relax

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Yes, that’s right!

Even programmers are not robots and need relaxation. Many of the listed points form a pattern and a red thread runs through them, so that all points together make sense.

And creativity can only come to light when we have breaks and relaxation.

#10 Be human

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As they say, the best comes at the end. In this case, the most important thing.

No matter in which area or section of your life you are: stay human!

Whether colleagues, customers or strangers on the Internet. When you program something, you create things that may still exist in 50 years. Therefore use your abilities and use them for – and not against – people.

There is enough war and injustice in this world and you can do something about it. Treat other people the way you want them to treat you.

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