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Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that is executed on the client side. It is used especially for the realization of Single-Page-Applications (SPA).

How to integrate Google Analytics into your Vue.js App

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool to analyse your website visitors – this is also possible in Vue.js Apps. Here you can find out how it works!

How to integrate Matomo into your Vue.js application

Matomo allows us to perform analysis and tracking under privacy protection. Matomo is also easy to integrate into Vue.js. I will show you how it works!

Programming a game with Vue.js? – Of course!

Programming multiplayer games is a dream for many! I will show you with a practical example that you can develop a multiplayer game with Vue.js.

Vue.js Login System with Vuex & Axios

In this article you will learn how to create a complete Vue.js login system with Vue.js, Vuex and Axios.

Node.js Login System with Express, JWT & MySQL (Rest API)

In this article you will learn how to use Node.js, Express, JWT (JSON Web Tokens) and MySQL to create your own Rest API for user authentication – a complete Node.js login system.

Vue i18n: How to translate your Vue.js App with vue-i18n

Multilingual Vue.js Apps? No problem! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Vue i18n library to translate your Vue App.

Programming Vue.js Fullpage Scroll

With Fullpage Scroll, normal scrolling is deactivated and you are always scrolled exactly into the next section. Here you can learn step by step how to program this feature yourself with Vue.js.

3 brilliant Examples to learn Vue.js

Vue.js is on everyone’s lips right now. Due to the dynamics and flexibility of the JS framework, it is perfect for single page applications, but also for smaller features on websites. Here I show you 3 practical examples to learn Vue.js as fast as possible!