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Cascading Style Sheet or short CSS is fundamental for the design of websites and web applications. While a few years ago one wrote “only normal” CSS, now it looks clearly different. Due to countless frameworks, constant adjustments of the rules and new devices, CSS can quickly become more complicated than one would like.

To counteract this, here are some helpful and creative CSS articles to help you with your challenge. Maybe I can inspire you with one or the other article.

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30 awesome CSS Background Patterns (Collection)

With these 30 CSS Background Patterns you are sure to find the perfect background for your app or website.
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20 Best VSCode Extensions to increase your productivity!

VSCode (Visual Studio Code) is a very widely used and free code editor. With countless VSCode extensions you can program in any language and much […]
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33 CSS Forms (Design Inspirations)

CSS Forms should not only serve their practical purpose, but can also look very nice on the side! A list of very descriptive forms can […]
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Programming Reading Position Indicator (CSS & JavaScript)

The Reading Position Indicator is a bar on your website that shows how much the visitor has already read of your content – and you […]
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15 genius CSS Hamburger Menus (+ animations)

Responsive web design has long been standard on the web. Almost every website has a menu on mobile devices, which is mostly realized by a […]
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60 CSS Loader (Loading animations & Spinner)

Looking for creative and inspiring CSS Loaders to bridge website wait times? Our selection of the most innovative CSS Loading animations and Spinners is the […]
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30 HTML 404 Page Template Inspirations

When you call up a page that does not (or no longer) exist, you are redirected to 404 pages. But this is not directly bad, […]
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10 cool CSS Animations

Sometimes after a long, exhausting day it is enough to look at something beautiful. Therefore “satisfying” videos or pictures are very good. You can see […]
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8 CSS tricks you should know as a web developer

CSS belongs to a website like the sun belongs to summer. There are many things you should consider or in another way improve and optimize. […]
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Programming JavaScript Equalizer

Simply as a design element or functional, this equalizer is a real eye-catcher! Here I explain to you how you can program this equalizer yourself […]
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Program your own WYSIWYG editor – with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Are you annoyed by missing or unnecessary functions in WYSIWYG editors? No problem! Here I show you how to create your own fully functional WYSIWYG […]
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Programming interactive (rotatable) 3D cube

You move your cell phone and the cube turns? Yes! That’s exactly what we’re programming today. With the help of the devices alignment via JavaScript.
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25 CSS Menus (+ Animations)

A good user flow contributes enormously to a successful website. The content, positioning and appearance of your menu/navigation should therefore be well thought out. Here […]
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How to remove reCAPTCHA badge from website

The Google reCAPTCHA has already been encountered by most people on a website. In the new version (v3), Google now shows a fade-in at the […]
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75 beautiful CSS Buttons

CSS Buttons are an important part of web design, as they not only improve the user experience, but also affect the look and aesthetics of […]
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