20 Best VSCode Extensions to increase your productivity!

VSCode (Visual Studio Code) is a very widely used and free code editor. With countless VSCode extensions you can program in any language and much more! I’ll show you the best VSCode extensions so you can be even more productive.

The right VSCode extensions, i.e. plugins for Visual Studio Code, turn the source code editor into a real secret weapon. Over the years, some extensions have proven to be more useful and others less so.

Since the plugins can be installed and uninstalled with two clicks, you can easily try them out and see if they help you. All shown VSCode extensions I use myself, so I can present them here with a good conscience. 🙂

1. ChatGPT – Genie AI

How could it be otherwise, we start with an extension that uses ChatGPT.

Shortly after ChatGPT was released, there were of course countless extensions for VSCode. I tried a lot of them, but Genie AI worked best for me. You have directly in the context menu the possibility to “commission” predefined actions, like explaining marked code, adding comments or optimizing the code.

ChatGPT - Genie AI Demonstration
ChatGPT – Genie AI Demonstration

The background prompts can all be customized individually in the settings, making it the best AI plugin for Visual Studio Code for me.

➜ ChatGPT Genie AI

2. Favorites

A very small but very useful VSCode extension: Favorites. As the name says it gives you the possibility to mark single files as favorites, so you can access them quickly. I use this function mostly for config files that I have to access all the time.

Favorites Demonstration
Favorites Demonstration

➜ Favorites

3. MinifyAll

Storage space has become relatively cheap today. However, it makes sense to transfer as little data as possible to end users. This is where MinifyAll comes in and minifies your files. Currently the plugin can handle 14 different languages.

MinifyAll Demonstration
MinifyAll Demonstration

➜ MinifyAll

4. Docker

For a long time I “ignored” Docker. Now it has become a real secret weapon for me and extremely versatile. So if you haven’t worked with Docker yet, I highly recommend it! It’s perfect for quickly testing another environment or deploying your application.

The VSCode extension of the same name helps you speed up image building, highlight code, and keep track of running containers and images.

Docker Demonstration
Docker Demonstration

➜ Docker

5. Better Comments

A small but good extension. It highlights comments with different keywords, like “TODO” or starting with an exclamation mark, so you can’t miss the comment at all.

Better Comments Demonstration
Better Comments Demonstration

➜ Better Comments

6. Code Spell Checker

Also a small but nice extension, which I see as an extension for “Better Comments”. It underlines spelling mistakes for you. This can increase the quality of your comments.

Code Spell Checker Demonstration
Code Spell Checker Demonstration

➜ Code Spell Checker

7. GitLens – Git supercharged

Visual Studio already has a built-in Git client – so far so good. But GitLens extends the functionality even further, so that you can see the last commit message directly after each line of code, compare it directly with the changes and much more. Be sure to try it out!

GitLens Demonstration
GitLens Demonstration

➜ GitLens – Git supercharged

8. Regex Previewer

Regular expressions can be found in pretty much every app. However, creating them can sometimes be a bit tricky. This is where Regex Previewer comes in and shows you directly the matches of your expression in a second window. This way you can debug directly live.

Regex Previewer Demonstration
Regex Previewer Demonstration

➜ Regex Previewer

9. Test Explorer UI

Testing is very important, but sometimes it can be very annoying and time consuming. Test Explorer UI can take some of the work out of this by showing you all the tests graphically and also running and evaluating them directly when you save them.

Test Explorer UI Demonstration
Test Explorer UI Demonstration

➜ Test Explorer UI

10. Remote – SSH

If you often work on external systems, you should have a look at “Remote – SSH”. This VSCode extension establishes a connection via SSH, so that you can execute SSH commands directly in the terminal and – what I find even cooler – you can open the files in the explorer directly via SFTP, instead of having to edit them manually via an FTP client.

Remote - SSH Demonstration
Remote – SSH Demonstration

➜ Remote – SSH

All other VSCode extensions are more specialized for developers working in the field of web development.

11. Node.js Extensions Pack

As a Node.js developer, you really need this plugin. It helps you complete imports, simplifies npm commands and much, much more.

Node.js Extensions Pack
Node.js Extensions Pack

➜ Node.js Extensions Pack

12. DotENV

DotENV highlighted your .env files, simple but useful.

DotEnv Demonstration
DotEnv Demonstration

➜ DotENV

13. ESLint

All JavaScript & Typescript developers will know and love ESLint. The VSCode extension of the same name implements ESLint in VSCode. For this, ESLint must be installed globally via npm (npm i -g eslint).

ESLint Extension
ESLint Extension

➜ ESLint

14. Jest

The testing framework Jest has many functions, which the VSCode extension Jest implements via autocompletion in Visual Studio. This should save you some time writing tests.

Jest Extension
Jest Extension

➜ Jest

15. Python

As a Python developer you need this extension. It implements Python directly in Visual Studio. Via an arrow you can execute your Python app directly, debug it and of course highlighting and autocompletion are also included in this plugin.

Python Demonstration
Python Demonstration

➜ Python

16. REST Client

With REST Client you can now test your Rest API even faster and easier in the code editor. You can execute requests using a very simple syntax. Of course you can customize all header data as you like. So you have your tests directly near your code.

REST Client Demonstration
REST Client Demonstration

➜ REST Client

17. Prettier – Code formatter

Prettier supports numerous languages and formats the code so that it is easy to read and it provides a uniform standard for all developers of your project.

Prettier - Code formatter
Prettier – Code formatter

➜ Prettier – Code formatter

18. css-auto-prefix

CSS requires prefixes for some attributes for certain browsers. These are often forgotten when programming. This extension puts an end to that. As soon as you write a CSS property or even just click on it, the corresponding lines with the browser prefixes are automatically added.

css-auto-prefix Demonstration
css-auto-prefix Demonstration

➜ css-auto-prefix

19. CSS Peek

This VSCode extension connects your CSS rules with the corresponding HTML tag and vice versa. So you don’t have to search for the rules anymore, but can jump directly to the right place.

CSS Peek Demonstration
CSS Peek Demonstration

➜ CSS Peek

20. WordPress Hooks IntelliSense

WordPress has a lot of its own functions, which you can’t know by heart – let alone the syntax. The plugin WordPress Hooks IntelliSense offers you an autocompletion for all these functions.

WordPress Hooks IntelliSense
WordPress Hooks IntelliSense

➜ WordPress Hooks IntelliSense

What other VSCode extensions do you know that are your daily companion? Feel free to let me know in the comments! 🙂

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