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Plesk – probably the best known and best control panel for your webhostings. Plesk offers a variety of features that make working as a web developer, web designer. Also customers profit from it. Here you can find tutorials and articles about Plesk.

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Plesk CI/CD: Automatic deployment of a Node.js app (+ automatic frontend build)

With this Plesk CI/CD workflow you can host your Node.js app incl. frontend on your Plesk server completely automated. With automatic build of your frontend […]
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Using Bitbucket Repository via SSH in Plesk

You want to use a (private) Bitbucket repository in your Plesk installation? No problem, let me show you how to do that.
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Node.js in Plesk: Installation and hosting of your application

The Node.js application is finally finished! Now it’s time to host the application – i.e. to deploy (publish) it. Plesk is perfect for this. I […]
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Install Nextcloud within Plesk – That’s it!

Nextcloud is a free and free software for storing data. In short: Your own cloud on your personal server. I’ll show you here how to […]
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