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The administration of (web) servers is a very complex area, which is very broad. Different operating systems, such as Linux or Windows, and the almost infinite number of different software make administration more difficult, but also much more flexible, so that a server environment can be perfectly prepared for the desired purpose. At the same time, protection against hacker attacks (cybersecurity) must not be neglected.

Git SSH Keys: Use private GitHub repository (clone, push, etc.)

To work with a private GitHub repository you need an SSH key to authenticate yourself to GitHub. You can learn how to set this up in this article.

Website Security: 11 Steps to protect your Website from Attacks

At this very moment, countless websites become targets of hacker attacks. Often, uninstalled updates and ignorance are to blame. What you can do to prevent hacker attacks on your website, you can learn here.

20 Basic Linux Commands for Beginners (+ Explanations)

New to the Linux world and no idea which commands you need for what? Then you are not alone: All beginnings are difficult, but here I show you the Basic Linux commands for Beginners!

How the Domain Name System (DNS) works – Basics

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is one of the many systems that have been labelled as complicated. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious and without DNS the Internet as we know it would not exist!

Using Bitbucket Repository via SSH in Plesk

You want to use a (private) Bitbucket repository in your Plesk installation? No problem, let me show you how to do that.

Node.js in Plesk: Installation and hosting of your application

The Node.js application is finally finished! Now it’s time to host the application – i.e. to deploy (publish) it. Plesk is perfect for this. I will show you step by step how to install Node.js in Plesk and publish your application.

Install Nextcloud 22 within Plesk – That’s it!

Nextcloud is a free and free software for storing data. In short: Your own cloud on your personal server. I’ll show you here how to install Nextcloud 22 within Plesk.