Hide annoying Google reCAPTCHA v3 Badge

Hide annoying Google reCAPTCHA v3 Badge

The Google reCAPTCHA is most already encountered on a website. In the new version Google only shows a fade in at the bottom. That’s not very fancy, so I’ll show you here how to remove this fade in.

For many years Google has provided the reCAPTCHA v2 (Version 2). This also works very reliably, but is annoying for some users, because you have to solve “puzzles”. And often several of them in a row. For this and other reasons Google introduced reCAPTCHA v3 (version 3).

Here the user no longer has to perform any tasks, everything runs invisibly in the background. Only such a badge is displayed at the bottom right of the website:

Small Google reCAPTCHA
Opened Google reCAPTCHA

Can I just remove the badge? (legal)

Yes, according to Google’s FAQ on reCAPTCHA you can hide the badge. But you have to put a note in the “user flow”.

You are allowed to hide the badge as long as you include the reCAPTCHA branding visibly in the user flow.


Google suggests this text for this purpose:

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google
    <a href="https://policies.google.com/privacy">Privacy Policy</a> and
    <a href="https://policies.google.com/terms">Terms of Service</a> apply.

It looks like this to my forms:

Google reCAPTCHA Note under Form

How to remove the badge

All you have to do is include this line of code in your CSS file:

.grecaptcha-badge { visibility: hidden; }

If CSS doesn’t tell you anything, you can simply insert this line in your CSS (e.g. WordPress) under Design > Customizer > Additional CSS.

Note that you are not using display: none; under any circumstances! This will disable the spam protection of the reCAPTCHA.

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