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Hypertext Preprocessor or short PHP is a server-side programming language for dynamic web applications. In this category you will find a lot about it.

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TOP 20 VSCode Extensions to increase your productivity!

VSCode (Visual Studio Code) is a very widely used and free code editor. With countless VSCode extensions you can program in any language and much […]
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RegEx Validation: Cheatsheet of the most common regular expressions for validation (+ HowTo)

Regular expressions are often used to validate user input. These are repeated when validating the same input. Therefore I have created a list with the […]
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Adding WordPress Admin Bar Item (incl. Icon)

Here you will learn how to add your own Items to the WordPress Admin Bar with just a few lines of code and customize them […]
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WordPress: Pass PHP Variables to JavaScript

WordPress provides a simple, secure and fast way to pass arbitrary PHP variables to a JavaScript file.
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How to use Ajax in WordPress: The right way (+ Example)

With Ajax you can exchange data with a server without having to reload the page. I’ll show you how to use Ajax correctly in WordPress […]
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Simple PHP MySQL Database Class (+ Download)

With this PHP MySQL (MySQLi) database class you don’t have to write annoying code over and over again, but can easily use this class in […]
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How to work with JSON in JavaScript and PHP

JSON is an indispensable part for web applications. Learn how to properly exchange, store and convert JSON data between JavaScript (client-side) and PHP (server-side).
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