Cyberattacks: 10 steps to protect your website

Every day, countless websites become the target of attacks. Many website operators do not care about the security of their pages, although this is an extremely important task. So that you don’t (anymore) become a target of such attacks, here is the most important information to prevent attacks.

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Using JSON correctly in JavaScript and PHP

JSON is an indispensable part for web applications. Here you will learn how to exchange and store JSON data correctly between JavaScript (client-side) and PHP (server-side).

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Every web developer should know these 10 PHP string functions!

Every PHP developer should know functions like strlen(), addslashes() and strpos(). In this Top 10 list you will find the most important ones of the approx. 100 string functions in PHP and learn how to use them correctly.

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Flexible PHP 7.* MySQLi database class (+ download)

We all know it: Write annoying code over and over again! That’s over now. With this PHP MySQLi database class you can easily connect to your MySQL database.

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