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JavaScript has become one of the most popular and widely used scripting languages in recent years. Through Node.js JavaScript has also found its way into server-side programming and through the countless front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, React.js and AngularJS it is very popular among most web developers!

You can now take your chance and learn more about the exciting scripting language through the numerous articles about JavaScript.

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Rest API Testing with Postman: An Introduction

Testing of Rest APIs is one of the most important tasks in application development. A good strategy of approach can detect many errors before the release of the application.

How to integrate Google Analytics into your Vue.js App

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool to analyse your website visitors – this is also possible in Vue.js Apps. Here you can find out how it works!

JavaScript Speech Recognition – A Voice controlled ToDo List

With the JavaScript Speech Recoginition API you can implement quite simply ingenious functions that can quickly make native apps look old. This article will show you how to do this!

Double Opt-In in Node.js: Sending User Confirmation Emails

The double opt-in procedure has established itself as the standard for all types of registrations on the Internet in recent years. I will show you here what exactly is behind it and how you can integrate Double Opt-In into your Node.js application.

Detect tab changes in the browser: JavaScript Blur & Focus

By detecting the tab change in the browser you can conjure up some cool functions. And you can find out how to do this here!

How to integrate Matomo into your Vue.js application

Matomo allows us to perform analysis and tracking under privacy protection. Matomo is also easy to integrate into Vue.js. I will show you how it works!

25 brilliant 404 Pages with nice animations

If you call up a page that does not (no longer) exist, you are redirected to 404 pages. But that’s not bad, because 404 pages can work wonders with a little creativity, so that visitors don’t leave your site.

From jQuery to JavaScript – How to make the move

Moving from jQuery to JavaScript offers several advantages. Besides removing dead code, you can also increase your website speed for SEO.

Node.js Tutorial – The ultimate Guide for beginners

This Node.js tutorial is for all developers who want to program with Node.js, but know little or nothing about it – so complete beginners in this area. Node.js is becoming more and more popular and every web developer should at least know the basics. After this tutorial, you can definitely count yourself in this group.

Programming a game with Vue.js!? – My practial example

Programming multiplayer games is a distant dream for many! I will prove to you with a practical example that you can develop a multiplayer game with Vue.js.

Vue.js Login System with Vuex & Axios

In this article you will learn how to create a complete Vue.js login system with Vue.js, Vuex and Axios.

Node.js Login System with Express, JWT & MySQL (Rest API)

In this article you will learn how to use Node.js, Express, JWT (JSON Web Tokens) and MySQL to create your own Rest API for user authentication – a complete Node.js login system.

10 cool and inspiring CSS animations (Oddly satisfying!)

Sometimes after a long, exhausting day it is enough to look at something beautiful. Therefore “satisfying” videos or pictures are very good. You can see in this article that this is also possible with CSS and JavaScript!

Vue i18n – How to create multilingual Vue.js apps!

Multilingual Vue.js Apps? No problem! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use Vue i18n to translate into as many languages as you like.

Programming JavaScript Equalizer

Simply as a design element or functional, this equalizer is a real eye-catcher! Here I explain to you how you can program this equalizer yourself with pure JavaScript.

Adblock Detector – Detect visitors with Adblocker

You advertise on your website but don’t generate any or low revenue? With this Adblock Detection script you (or your administrator) can recognize an adblocker and react accordingly.

Program your own WYSIWYG editor – with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Are you annoyed by missing or unnecessary functions in WYSIWYG editors? No problem! Here I show you how to create your own fully functional WYSIWYG editor with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

JavaScript Arrays – Most useful functions for developers

JavaScript arrays have always offered many great features. Especially with the introduction of ES6 and the Arrow Functions, other useful features have been added. I have compiled a list of useful JavaScript array functions and show you with examples what they can do.

Programming interactive (rotatable) 3D cube

You move your cell phone and the cube turns? Yes! That’s exactly what we’re programming today. With the help of the devices alignment via JavaScript.

Programming Vue.js Fullpage Scroll

With Fullpage Scroll, normal scrolling is deactivated and you are always scrolled exactly into the next section. Here you can learn step by step how to program this feature yourself with Vue.js.

How to work with JSON in JavaScript and PHP

JSON is an indispensable part for web applications. Learn how to properly exchange, store and convert JSON data between JavaScript (client-side) and PHP (server-side).