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JavaScript has become one of the most popular and widely used scripting languages in recent years. Through Node.js JavaScript has also found its way into server-side programming and through the countless front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, React.js and AngularJS it is very popular among most web developers!

You can now take your chance and learn more about the exciting scripting language through the numerous articles about JavaScript.

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Vue.js Fullpage Scroll Component: Dynamic scrolling for your website

In this article, you’ll learn how to code a custom Vue.js Fullpage Scroll component for your Vue.js app and add dynamic scrolling to your website.
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How to work with JSON in JavaScript and PHP

JSON is an indispensable part for web applications. Learn how to properly exchange, store and convert JSON data between JavaScript (client-side) and PHP (server-side).
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3 brilliant Examples to learn Vue.js

Vue.js is on everyone’s lips right now. Due to the dynamics and flexibility of the JS framework, it is perfect for single page applications, but […]
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Node.js in Plesk: Installation and hosting of your application

The Node.js application is finally finished! Now it’s time to host the application – i.e. to deploy (publish) it. Plesk is perfect for this. I […]
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