Top 20 CSS Buttons

Top 20 CSS Buttons

Buttons are not only good for user navigation, but also an extremely important design element for any website. For this reason there are the best CSS Buttons here!

The following buttons are all published on If you like a button, you can simply copy the code and paste it on your website.

I also attach great importance to animations when using Hover or Focus, which is why all of the following buttons also bring nice animations with them. But now we start directly!

#1 Hover Glow Effect

See the Pen Чистый CSS Button Hover Glow Effect by Kocsten (@kocsten) on CodePen.

Author: Kocsten

#2 Rounded Button

See the Pen Pure Css Button Hover effect by alticreation (@alticreation) on CodePen.

Author: alticreation

#3 3D Touch

See the Pen Pressable, iOS Compatible CSS Button by jemware (@jemware) on CodePen.

Author: jemware

#4 Icon buttons

See the Pen Icon buttons by Andrea Maselli (@andrea-maselli) on CodePen.

Author: Andrea Maselli

#5 Blobs button

See the Pen Blobs button by Hilary (@hilwat) on CodePen.

Author: Hilary

#6 Thin Buttons

See the Pen Simple CSS Button Hover Effects by Natalia Reshetnikova (@natalia-reshetnikova) on CodePen.

Author: Natalia Reshetnikova

#7 Bootstrap Buttons

See the Pen Pure CSS Button Loader | Bootstrap 4 | SCSS by dew31794 (@dew31794) on CodePen.

Author: dew31794

#8 Rounded Pulse Button

See the Pen CSS Button With Hover Effect by Raj Kamal (@avvign) on CodePen.

Author: Raj Kamal

#9 CSS Fizzy Button

See the Pen CSS Fizzy Button by Jürgen Leister (@webLeister) on CodePen.

Author: Jürgen Leister

#10 Button N° 045

See the Pen 100 days css Button N° 045 by Vitor Siqueira (@vitor-siqueira) on CodePen.

Author: Vitor Siqueira

#11 Flush button

See the Pen Flush button by AbhishekBaiju (@abhishekbaiju) on CodePen.

Author: AbhishekBaiju

#12 Button Concept

See the Pen Button Concept by Shyam (@Shtam3x) on CodePen.

Author: Shyam

#13 Sliced Button

See the Pen CSS Sliced Button by Sarah (@saraharaya) on CodePen.

Author: Sarah

#14 More fancy Icon buttons

See the Pen Pure CSS Buttons by Ishaan Saxena (@ishaansaxena) on CodePen.

Author: Ishaan Saxena

#15 Button Change

See the Pen Css Button Hover #5 by thelaazyguy (@thelaazyguy) on CodePen.

Author: thelaazyguy

#16 Simple Button

See the Pen CSS button by Tiberiu Raducea (@tyberiu88) on CodePen.

Author: Tiberiu Raducea

#17 Button Flip

See the Pen Auto Width Css Button Flip by Alex Moore (@MoorLex) on CodePen.

Author: Alex Moore

#18 Swipe Right Button

See the Pen Css Button Hover #2 – Background by thelaazyguy (@thelaazyguy) on CodePen.

Author: thelaazyguy

#19 Fancy Buttons

See the Pen CSS Button Effect by Alexandre do Vale (@alexandrevale) on CodePen.

Author: Alexandre do Vale

#20 FlipCover Buttons

See the Pen FlipCover CSS Mixin by Velina V Veleva (@vveleva) on CodePen.

Author: Velina V Veleva


Which button do you like best? If you have also published buttons on codepen, please let me know so I can extend this list! 🙂

That’s not enough for you? Then have a look at the Top 20 CSS Navigation Menus and follow me on twitter!

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